Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Art 3101: Human Canine Prosthetics


Dogs are known to be man and woman’s best friend and have a huge place in my family as our own kin. I grew up playing tug of war with large dog breeds, placing the toy in my mouth to behave like them. One question always came to my mind – what is it really like to be a dog? Due to our physical upright human proportions, we are unable to walk around like our quadruped friends. I developed with the human and canine skeletons in mind, Human Canine Prosthetics create a fun experience bonding with your companion on your own four legs.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Art 3101: Sketches - Prosthetic object or extended perceptual (Part 2)

Human Prosthetics that let us experience life on 4 legs just like our best friends. 

This idea is to have a person wear prosthetics that would prevent them from walking upright. The front boots would have an inside bar that your hand raps around to stabilize the body. This would give the person a canine view of the world. Their body would have to adjust to using their limbs in a new way as the prosthetics give them the canine ability to move as a quadruped.

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