Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Game Analysis: Art 5101

Cristina Feret
Art 5101 art and games
Written assignment 1

                  Pocket Monsters, better known as Pokemon, is a roleplaying game that has been around since 1996 in Japan and 1998 in the USA. The main goal of the game is to catch all of the monsters and to become champion of the region. Despite that the game is 20 years old and has developed many versions with developing technology, the game play and remained quite the same. To keep the game fresh for each generation of versions that are released, a new region is available to explore and new monsters are added to the list to catch. Even though the game’s target age is for children, the current majority fan base are the 20-somethings that grew up playing the series.
                  The functioning basics of the game are like that of many other roleplaying games that have battles. However, the protagonist isn’t the one fighting physically, the monsters or Pokemon are. A  Pokemon trainer can have six Pokemon with them at a time. Each Pokemon’s status are unique. Each species has a base stat amount and with training their stats become unique to each individual Pokemon. These stats include Hit Points also known as health, Speed, Attack, Special Attack, Defense and Special Defense. Special stats are based on attacks that are elemental or magic based and do not come from physical contact. Once the hit point number reaches zero, the Pokemon is considered fainted and can no longer participate in battle. Another Pokemon would have to take its place to continue the battle. Items can also be used to revive a Pokemon to participate in battle and also heal its hit point number. However, if an item is used it counts as an attacking turn. Once a trainer has no remaining Pokemon that can fight, they have lost the battle and have to give the winning trainer money.

                  The game implements the battles in the main story line. Defeat the gym leaders across the region. Head to victory road, battle the elite 4 and then you can face the current champion. If you defeat their Pokemon team, you are now the champion. There are also after game missions that can be completed.
                  Despite that Pokemon began with 151 creatures to catch, the last released version contains 802 Pokemon. This number is very overwhelming, but it still keeps my interest because there are so many new things and old nostalgic things to explore. I also enjoy the gaming community within the Pokemon fan base. Pokemon has always been a social game. We need each other to catch all of the Pokemon in the list, and much of the game outside of story mode is for 2 to 4 players. With modern technology allowing easy access to quick connections to the internet and infrared wireless connection, playing Pokemon has been more social than ever. The Pokemon Company also hosts regional, national and international competitions that offer cash and scholarship awards to completive Pokemon players who reach top ranks at the event. Earning money for playing my favorite video game? Count me in.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Art 3101: Human Canine Prosthetics


Dogs are known to be man and woman’s best friend and have a huge place in my family as our own kin. I grew up playing tug of war with large dog breeds, placing the toy in my mouth to behave like them. One question always came to my mind – what is it really like to be a dog? Due to our physical upright human proportions, we are unable to walk around like our quadruped friends. I developed with the human and canine skeletons in mind, Human Canine Prosthetics create a fun experience bonding with your companion on your own four legs.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Art 3101: Sketches - Prosthetic object or extended perceptual (Part 2)

Human Prosthetics that let us experience life on 4 legs just like our best friends. 

This idea is to have a person wear prosthetics that would prevent them from walking upright. The front boots would have an inside bar that your hand raps around to stabilize the body. This would give the person a canine view of the world. Their body would have to adjust to using their limbs in a new way as the prosthetics give them the canine ability to move as a quadruped.

To see previous post about this project click here.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Art 3101: Sketches - Prosthetic object or extended perceptual

Idea 1. Dreaming Walker
Devices that claim to improve your sleep with lucid dreams, such as these masks and headbands, exist already today. With this device, the person wears a bluetooth lucid dream capable headband that will take a step each time the person steps in their dream. In a lucid dream, you are aware of the fact that you are in a dream. However, with this device you can control where you walk in the real world too. However, just you might not know where you are when you wake up. 

 Idea 2. Human prosthetics that make humans walk like dogs. 
In order to be on the same level as our K9 Friends we always go on our hands and knees. Because our bodies are designed to be upright on 2 legs rather 4, it is impossible for us to exactly walk like them. With this we can get the true, and fun, experience of walking like hour our family pets do. The front boots would have a bar in which we can grab with our own hands, stopping us from using our opposable thumbs while trying to get the real experience.

To see updated sketch of Human prosthetic idea please click here.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Art 3101: Telepistomologic Themie Last Update


 My Telepistomologic Themie Project was build, painted and tested by animals within the past week. A few physical changes happened to the device as it had issues supporting the bowl on top due to the weight. I was able to change the support imbalance and also added a closed off front and back instead of having an open hole. This stabilized the phone further than it did before.

The recordings were successful, despite one minor hiccup from a dog having separated the body and the food/water bowl. I figured out that this happened from me not using a strong enough glue and decided to use a strong construction tape instead to hold it down.  The videos recorded from my cell phone are currently in the editing process for Thursday's project deadline.

You may compare these images to the previous post of 3D models (Please click on the link!) that were used in the creation of the project idea.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Art 3101: 3D Printed Cubes!! (yay)

So I can officially say that I have my first 3D object from a class that was created off of cinema 4D and printed into a one inch cube in which that I can physically hold. It feels really amazing. We had an in class project to create cubes with our for initial of our name (mine being C) and have our cubes connect to a classmates somehow. He and I chose to have mine as the "innie" cube and his as the "outie". The knob on his is a trapezoid like figure that gets smaller as it gets to the edge, where it would fully connect with my cube. 


As I learn more about 3D modeling I hope to have more 3D printed objects soon. I'm quite proud with my progress, but as with all beginners in any program I am still learning and progressing with each class. Our next project is to take Project One and to physically build it. More updates on that soon!