Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pipeline Project - Credit Editing Part 2

Editing the credits for The Lost Files will be completed during today (Tuesday)'s work session in class.
There was a lot of progress made on Thursday, however there are a few things that are needed to be completed before we move on to other things in the documentary and animation departments.

Last week, I went through files of photos provided by the photographers to see which ones would be decent shots to add into the credits. Christine went thru the photos with me and we selected from the images that I chose to be in the final cut. Arranging the letters became difficult, so we wouldn't be blocking the text with a photo that faded in.

The original plan for the credits was to have them be 30 seconds long. As a test, we added less time to see the results. At 19 seconds, the credits and images roll too fast to be comfortable for our eyes. This will be edited longer time frame once more. Everyone's roles must be edited as well to be more specific for that the person has actually done.

There is one section that needs to be filled out - music credit. It was just announced to me yesterday that  The Lost Files received permission from the person who created the music that was being used as the base around The Lost Files. Their name and the song title will be placed in the spot we saved in the credits.

(The Lion King, Disney)

I was watching different credits to get a base of how ours felt among ones used for industry produced movies and t.v shows. I noticed that Disney places their logo at the end of the credits. The signature castle with the shooting star and "Walt Disney Pictures" shows as a reminder that it is a production by Disney. I asked the Emma and the head of my department what they thought about the idea and they liked it. This is why we have added the logo for The Lost Files at the end of the credits sequence.

(Kim Possible, Disney)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pipeline Project: Credit Editing

The chart above is the current schedule for the crew members of The Lost Files. As the animation crew finishes the scenes of the animation, I am working on the credits section of the video with Christine. We have decided together to work in Adobe After Effects with the text and files we are using to composite that section documentation of everyone's positions in the credits.

One of the first decisions we came across was the format of the names being displayed across the screen. There are several types of ways that movie credits roll across, however we chose a simple method of title on top and person/persons involved with that role underneath. We chose this style because of the number of crew members we have and our jobs. Usually, it seemed as if actors and actresses had split section credits, where the character name would be on the left and the person's off stage name on the right. There are no action parts in The Lost Files, so we began to use the more credits simple style.

As displayed in the first draft above, we have added some animations in with the credits to make reading them more enjoyable and to display some draft work created by the crew.

The current draft has several changes including more animation work being displayed, color change of the different animations, and a color palette. As the list moves down, the list of jobs changes departments. We discussed having animations around the animators section, photo documentation around the photo section towards the end of the credits.

During class I took some notes on what needed to be completed and how things should be completed for the credits. We aim to have the credits completed by the end of class on Thursday. Some of the numbers for the photos represent a specific file name of an image that the documentary team has taken of the crew working. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Animation Reaction to Sound

Greetings! For my animation class we were given sound clips from different places to choose from. I chose an audio from Anchor Man. We were told to try and not discover what the actual clip looked like until after we finished our animation so we keep a fresh idea.

Here is my final result:
The original clip:

In my personal view, I believe that what I had imagined was better than the original clip. There is a lot of emotions in the yelling voice, and barely any emotion in the secondary voice. The actions of the actors don't seem to portray what is needed to be shown. It could be because I have never seen the actual movie as a whole, but the scene should be understandable by itself with matching body language and emotions. I don't feel that.

For my animation, it took about a week to complete. We were told to only do a rough, however my personal style is a bit more of a finished look, even as a rough. I do realize that the mouth motions of my character sometimes fit the words and sometimes do not. I will work on that for my future characters and have been recommended examples and help from my teacher about what to do to time sounds and mouth emotions.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pipeline Project: Sketches and Position

The Lost Files seems to be in some good progress. The characters and storyboard seem to be in full fledge. We figured out that the main character would be a girl with a ponytail, sweatshirt and pants. We will give her a generalized look for roughed out animations before the final stylizations are applied to her.

The above is my depiction of Emma's style for her character. My style is more realistic than cartoony, so it has been difficult to adjust. This was a lesson on my part to try and develop a flexible hand at being good in more than just one kind of style. During class, we created small animations that could be helpful to the project. 

Unfortunately, because of our time, me assisting on the animation after the storyboarding section of the project might not be the best choice. After talking with the leaders, I will see if my position in being on the color team would work well. 

The above image is a finished portrait of Choi Minki (Ren) of Nu'est. He is a person I use a lot as a male character in my Fantasy of Love theme. I am displaying this to show what my usual style looks like and how I depict color. Obviously, bright and fun colors would not go well for the Lost Files, but this is just an example of how I select my colors for certain characters. Our girl in The Lost Files would have a darker palette.

I am working on the credits list with Christine at the moment and will be working with coloring when the animation needs coloring.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pipeline Project: Preplanning

Today's agenda with the lost files displays that we are going over all our basic details to begin week one of the project. I am working with the storyboarding team, however will expand my areas after the storyboarding section is complete. It will be one of the fastest sections of the entire thing.

During class, we began to develop the storyline and some boards to put into our main storyboard and the anamatic. First, the plot was created from the beginning segments that the crew had developed. The above picture displays my beginning design. We are keeping the designs for the board very simple as to not clash with the development of the Character Development department. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pipeline Project - Flash Mob Reaction idea.

Flash Mob Reaction Video

This project would be a video done in public to show the reactions of people to a dance being preformed in a random setting. Using the ever so popular K-Pop song “Gangnam Style”, a group of dancers would learn the song to preform flash mob style at different spots around Columbus. 

(credit: YG Entertainment)

The point of the dance would be to show the reactions that different people have in different settings, times and reactions between different age groups. Being that “Gangnam Style” is a Korean song, the fact of a non-English song could also receive specific reactions that an American song would not get.

There will be the three required positions (director, head of art direction and head of editorial) as well as other positions such as Choreographer , Reaction Videographers, Dance Videographers, Stylists, Audio Keepers, Dance Crew and Travel Correspondents. 

And for the timeline...
Click to see it closer. I apologize for its a small file size.