Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Art 3101: 3D Printed Cubes!! (yay)

So I can officially say that I have my first 3D object from a class that was created off of cinema 4D and printed into a one inch cube in which that I can physically hold. It feels really amazing. We had an in class project to create cubes with our for initial of our name (mine being C) and have our cubes connect to a classmates somehow. He and I chose to have mine as the "innie" cube and his as the "outie". The knob on his is a trapezoid like figure that gets smaller as it gets to the edge, where it would fully connect with my cube. 


As I learn more about 3D modeling I hope to have more 3D printed objects soon. I'm quite proud with my progress, but as with all beginners in any program I am still learning and progressing with each class. Our next project is to take Project One and to physically build it. More updates on that soon! 

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