Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Art 3101: Telepistomologic Themie Last Update


 My Telepistomologic Themie Project was build, painted and tested by animals within the past week. A few physical changes happened to the device as it had issues supporting the bowl on top due to the weight. I was able to change the support imbalance and also added a closed off front and back instead of having an open hole. This stabilized the phone further than it did before.

The recordings were successful, despite one minor hiccup from a dog having separated the body and the food/water bowl. I figured out that this happened from me not using a strong enough glue and decided to use a strong construction tape instead to hold it down.  The videos recorded from my cell phone are currently in the editing process for Thursday's project deadline.

You may compare these images to the previous post of 3D models (Please click on the link!) that were used in the creation of the project idea.

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