Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Project Hiroshi Hayakawa (Part One)

The First assignment for Design For Media Project Hiroshi Hayakawa

I was really confused on where I wanted to go for this project. Several ideas came into play, but many of them did not deal with the concepts at hand.

This idea deals with Menagerie.
I first began with the Figure as landscape idea in the upper right corner. That image is multiple sugar cane stocks in the form of a human hand. However, I began to think about the color and location of the sugar canes. These canes are usually farmed (to my knowledge) so I started thinking of things that are the color brown that might appear on a farm.

There is a farmer girl whose hair is brown and dress is nude/brown. She is holding a wicker basket that contains potatoes and she could also hold chocolate ice cream (diary is farmed as well). There is also a wood fence, a random floating peanut and a brown bird.

The above image is the idea for Figure As Landscape

I kept thinking of this idea way too much! It was the only one that would pop in my head that I actually could imagine. It's a woman laying on the above surface. Under an outdoor surface (such as grass. the line under her marks grass) there is dirt, roots, rocks, etc. I was thinking maybe her body transforms into the roots, as if she is part of the ground. The primary focus would be the design of the roots and their placement. 

The figure as landscape idea came mainly from the idea of The Secret of Kells. 
(image credit from The Secret of Kells Movie)

This movie has a lot of landscaping, roots and cartoony visuals that I enjoy. 
The plant life here is so vibrant and eye capturing. That is what i would want to capture in my landscape image. 

For the Menagerie idea, a painting called Sugar Cane Cutters that I came across while browsing online got me into the sugar cane idea. 
(Image credit to cubajournal)
This Mario Carreño painting inspired me not only with its style, but bright vibrant colors, and flowing shapes captured my eyes. As you may notice, the sugar canes are green in the painting. That is because they are freshly cut and filled with chlorophyll. Once cut, the sugar canes turn into a brown color. (this is just from my plant knowledge nothing official. if i am incorrect i apologize)

(Cut sugar cane. Image credit to: latherblog)

I hopefully will be able to think of more ideas soon and also to choose between which type of style I would like to do. 

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