Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Project Hiroshi Hayakawa (Part Two)

Neutral colors! 

This is my color palette for the Figure As Landscape project that I will complete. I chose these tones because they most represent colors that nature provides naturally. With most of my composition being underground, brown tints, tones and shades play a major role. I am leaving myself with three browns to work with at the moment, however that might change as I continue the project.

There are some pink colors in my palette. They are for the flowers on the vines that will grow on the body. There is also a yellow/brown color for the body's flesh. it looks like normal tan skin above ground yet is light enough to be seen as roots underground.

This is a test sample of how I want to display the final image.
The little object in the bottom corner is a worm. They live underground!

The final image would include dirt details, rocks, detailing in the carved wall, shading, depressing clouds (maybe) and a few other things!

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