Thursday, December 13, 2012

Final Project: Final Result!

There has been lots of progress in the series of Fantasy Of Love's Progress. The Character's came along well, however I was unable to reach the full list that I had wanted to obtain by the deadline of class. I am missing one character, the leader of the evil, who is an important key in the story. A hero story is not complete without a villain - however we still have the cute yet evil kitty
A-Mi, to fulfill some villain duties. 

Above are the in progress coloring I had drawn for A-Mi and Yue.

I will now present to you the final product of the design class.

Even though I was unable to finish Chong Il to complete the cast, I feel happy in how far I've come.
Before this project, I was confused on basic formats such as location and the characters relations in my mind. I barely even know who these people were, however I took the time to think about that and came up with their personalities in a month's time.

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