Monday, December 3, 2012

Final Project - Near Complete

The Heros have begun coming to life with color!!!

I am thrilled to have all of the main hero cast done for the story! I think they are a great group!

Here the progress from last week!

Meet Blaze:

A Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) baseball player for the Haneul Hawks. The KBO is in charge of all major league teams in South Korea. This character is based off my mom's passion and love for baseball and the burning passion that fire can represent. Blaze's one goal in life is to be the best baseball player in the country, however his involvement with his fate of having the power of the element of fire makes this difficult.

Re meet Yue: 
She was redrawn!
Yue is a tomboy and she expresses this with her simple chic. She hates high heels and cosmetics and is nearly a polar opposite of her best friend, Naylei and Naylei's Boyfriend Jinho. She's very laid back and if often seen playing video games or reading a book Yue is based off of my best friend. She is also the only Asian of the group that is Chinese instead of Korean and is also the only one that speaks three language (Mandarin, English and Korean) instead of two.

Yue's power of having psychic abilities and time control is based upon her intelligence.

I have finished the villains' profiles and begun drawing the assistant, A-Mi.
I placed Yue in the drawing to show the scale of A-Mi versus a human.

Here is the profile of who A-Mi works for.

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