Friday, April 12, 2013

Pre-College Experience

I have found images from my pre-college experience. They are good memories and experiences that have given me a push towards my art style and my new experiences that I have today. These were created at the College for Creative Studies Summer Program during the summer before my final year of high school.

We learned Z-brush techniques and experimented with the program.
Some experimentations came out better than others. My Lucy creation was the first one I attempted.

This glass sculpture fish was something that I enjoyed creating. 

There was a project we worked on before with creating a human character based upon a chinese zodiac animal. I had the rooster. I was able to create a pair named Schyular and Seed, two hippies. I created the 3D image of Schuylar that really made me happy. 

Here is the original drawing.

These are the original sketches of the idea. 

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