Sunday, May 24, 2015

Blog Reboot!!!!

It has been a long time since I posted on this blog, two years to be exact. Let me kindly explain. My last year at Columbus College of Design (CCAD) was wonderful. I learned many things including how to make storyboards, anamatics, character design and more. During that year I had also questioned the very being of my animation degree progress at the school. It was not that I did not enjoy animation, however I felt that something was lacking in my degree. At the time I had no idea what that missing aspect was.

Unfortunately due to financial reasoning, my time at CCAD was cut short. Though this change might have been very positive for me. I was actually given time to think about what I was going to do with my art career by looking at the art I produced at the school. If I had a choice on the project I had been working on, a large portion of my video work had Korean pop music used in the background, and many of my other non-video related work had elements of Korean culture in it. My missing element was the fact that I didn’t speak Korean fluently, and I couldn’t read or write  the language I loved so much.

Figure One

This is when I began to search for schools that had Korean and Art as majors available. Little did I know that the school only a few miles away, The Ohio State University (OSU), offered the path that I wanted. I applied to OSU during my last semester at CCAD – only to be denied right away. I’ll admit, I was crushed right away, but I’m not a person who gives up easily. I wanted to show the admissions staff at OSU that I was worthy of being a buckeye and focused hard on my last art classes. I earned a 4.0 semester with straight As. I reapplied to OSU during fall of 2013 and started my first classes there during spring semester of 2014.

As you could imagine, adjusting to the large school was a huge change for me. The hardest part so far has been trying to get through my GEs (such as math and science) that I believed I would never touch again after high school ended. I’ve been in Korean courses for two semesters now and have a basic understanding of the language more. I also began to take art courses again in the past semester. This is where my art journey has begun to unfold again. After two years without an art class, I really have not been doing much drawing, but I’m going to change that.

Figure two

Figure two is titled Cyborg Buchaechum, my latest work of art. It was a sketch from last year that I decided to work on for class. It made the end of the year show in Hopkins Hall titled “Pilot Wave”.  As pictured in figure one, this piece of work, and a previous anamatic that I had made were also submitted to the Starjewel Showcase Nationals just last night. The director thought I was fitted for the honorary Vision Award because of those submissions. It means a lot to m, as these pieces have a lot to do with my inner self. I also won Miss Starjewel Supreme Queen last night.

 For now, that will be all.  As I rebuild myself in the art world, I’ll be posting more on this blog. I’ll explain in more detail about Cyborg Buchaechum and my classes at Ohio State University.

- Cristina 

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