Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Art 3101: Telepistomologic Sketches

I honestly had a lot of trouble thinking "outside the box" for this assignment. My usual mindset of thinking is in a narrative format, usually about how to display cultural differences, language barriers and how the character handles it within the society they live in.

The idea i ended up coming up with was an inspired by watching my boyfriend play with his mom's dog. The dog would hold his mouth open at the appearance of a treat but snap it shut when the treat would be retracted away. The idea is a bowl attached to a wood bottom that is slightly smaller than the clear glass bowl. The bottom is a two piece surface that would allow for easy access to pull it apart and clean.

A phone or thin camera would have a felt pouch with two long handles that contain micro cameras (2 each side) these then record how the dog (or any animal) that approaches the bowl eats on the food and how we can see the mouth of the animal. The device's felt handles would have a clip to attach them to the inside part of the bowl. The size of the bottom square is about 9x9 to 12x12. The opening for the phone would be 5x7 to accommodate 
the size of a samsung s5 with the pouch/handles attached. 

 First Approach


 Above View
 Bottom View

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