Saturday, August 22, 2015

Item Morph Animation

Beauty pageants are very important in my personal life, as they have helped me grow into a more well rounded woman throughout my life. I decided to do a rather quick hand drawn animation for three items that are apart of every pageant girl's world. The crown, the sash and an evening gown are all something we recognize or have in our possession. 

Despite the rather shortness of the video, there are many frames that go into making the progression of the morphing happen. About 40 individual hand drawn frames were outlined and colored to give the effects. The coloring and lining are only in draft format and are not perfect, but I only intended to practice the motions and framework that goes into animation.

It is now a few day before fall 2015 semester starts at Ohio State and I wanted to practice art before my classes got a bit overwhelming. I will be practicing my figures and sketches throughout the semester and hope to share them with you. I have some craft projects and logo work that I will soon be prepared to share and will make a post about them when ready.

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