Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Final Project: Simple W's of Creation

(Above: Busan, Korea - Wikipedia)


My fictional story begins in a city that I have named 하늘시티/haneulsiti (which translates to Sky or Heavenly City). This is a fictional city I created that combines the best of Korea's two most populated cities, Busan and Seoul, and combines them into what I imagine to be 하늘시티.  

Busan is widely known for is vast landscapes, beaches that stretch across the city scape, seafood and is also becoming Korea's convention center capital. It is also home to the world's largest department store (NYC's Macys store is second largest).  I have taken the capital city aspect of Seoul into Sky City. Seoul is seen as the center of media, tourism and has a vast amount of different areas with their own styles (such as the rich area of Gangnam and Hongdae, popular among the indie crowd). 
These are the things from Busan and Seoul that I have adapted into Sky City.

(Above: Cheonggyecheon, Seoul - Wikipedia) 


The setting is in the near future. Possibly between 2015 and 2020. If this story were to be published in a book or set as a story line for a drama in Korea then it would be placed during the year of publishing. 


The creation for Sky City and my characters are based upon a love story in my mind. The plot is based around a fangirl's fantasy dream of being with her favorite pop star, however its the pop star that chooses her after seeing her beauty. Their meeting has a special meaning, as it was planned by a historic event that repeats every few centuries. The boy and girl are really super humans with incredible powers beyond their belief. The main male, who has been an angel his entire life feels comfortable reveling his hidden angel wings to his crush - which starts the cycle of history to repeat. One of the members of the boyband becomes jealous and becomes an evil villain, in which the couple and friends that they meet along their path will have to defend the citizens from with their powers.


As if now I have completed 3 side views of my main male character Jinho. 

And two character profiles for the main females

I will have my chart posted with the next update.

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