Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Final Project: 3rd Post

Greetings! This is the third blog post for my Design for Media Final Project. 
The image above is actually a combined group photo of the front views of the finished characters Jinho,  Naylei and Yue. After realizing that Jinho and Naylei are dating I figured I should make a relationship chart of the characters to figure out how does this person know that person and what do they mean to that person.

There is also a height difference in my characters. I wanted to place them together to show their height in relation to each other.
Jinho - 5'10
Naylei - 5'7 (without heels - however she usually has heels on)
Yue -5'4
Blaze - 6'1 (he has not been drawn yet)

This is the group photos before Yue was added to the group. 

Naylei's character chart was finished last week and I have combined the 4 positions of front, side, back and side for her character sheet. Naylei is based upon myself in physical and interests but her personality is different to accent her role as the leader. 

As a reminder here is her character sheet once more

Over the Thanksgiving holiday break, my main focus was to get a sectional plot done. This plot takes place in the middle of the story. The main purpose of these characters is to be in this setting in Sky City where my imagination looms. I plan to one day have all of the characters that are completed by this project in a novel that I hope to write for young adults. I would like to one day publish that novel in English speaking countries and South Korea, in the Korean language. 

As of now, I am behind on my chart. I made chart with new goal dates to encourage me to catch up to where I need to be to finish the project on time. 

My old Deadlines:
11/13 - Begin writing character profiles/do basic rough sketch
11/20 - Get 2 characters completely fleshed out and starting with color
11/27 - have all the main hero characters done
12/4 - complete villains/clean up work/look over details
12/14 - finished! present it all. 

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