Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Final Project Idea: Character Designs


My last project for Design 4 Media this semester is a Student Choice Project. 

I have decided to resume an idea that has been years in the making. Completing characters that are in my Fantasy of Love series means a great deal to me, as they have been a part of my life for several years. However, I have not been able to flesh out completely. 

My final presentation will include character designs of the four main heroines/heros and two villains 
Plans may change for the amount of characters I do, however that is the original amount that I have.

My love for the Korean Pop Music culture or K-Pop is involved in my style of art, the characters and their personalities. The above are my sketches intended for the comic design of the first and main story. I decided to have my main male character and a few other characters to be based upon the idea of the Korean 'Flower Boy' or 'hwarang' is a boy who is very feminine in his looks. It is quite attractive to several women in and outside of Korea. Nu'est's Ren is my main muse. 

Example of what I wish to achieve:

My Deadlines:
11/13 - Begin writing character profiles/do basic rough sketch
11/20 - Get 2 characters compeltely fleshed out and starting with color
11/27 - have all the main hero characters done
12/4 - complete villains/clean up work/look over details
12/14 - finished! present it all. 

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