Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Cyborg Buchaechum

During Spring 2015 semester at Ohio State, I got back into art classes by taking art 2500. It was actually a repeat class that was equal to a class I took at CCAD, but I felt that taking this again was a refresher on what I need to know as a digital artist. I'm glad I did this, because I was able to do things that I was highly proud of and even made a simple sketch I did a year earlier in April 2014 become a finished work of art.

The image was sketched in a program that I really enjoy to use: Autodesk Sketchbook Pro. I'm still learning to master the program and took the chance of our project in this class to keep using the program to learn more about it. I took the time to make many mistakes, which lead to me understanding how the program worked, and what I exactly wanted to do to color and line my work until it was at a finished quality.

The idea of this work, which I titled Cyborg Buchaeum, is to put traditional Korean culture and the rapidly technological growing culture together of Korea into one. The past two semesters have helped me connect to the culture of Korea even further, as being able to that introductory Korean language classes have enabled me to read, write and speak the language better than I have before. Especially reading and writing, which I did know know by studying alone.

So what is Buchaechum? It is a traditional fan dance done in the traditional dress called the Hanbok. The fan seen in the drawing is a signature characteristic of the dance. Usually this dance is performed by women, however in modern times men have learned the art as well. In fall 2014 semester, I learned this dance in my Korean dance class and have been in love with the beauty of the dance before I even knew how to do it.  I believe that is what gave me the passion for this piece.

I'm really glad of the result of this piece. I was honored to even see it up in the end of the year show at Ohio State called "Pilot Wave." As mentioned before in  the last post, this drawing plus a video of mine also helped me become the National Vision Award winner at the Starjewel Pageant held last week. I'm quite proud of my achievements and will try to do some creative projects in between the summer algebra class and art history class that I'm currently taking.

Until then enjoy the month of June!!

- Cristina

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