Thursday, October 18, 2012

Animation Reaction to Sound

Greetings! For my animation class we were given sound clips from different places to choose from. I chose an audio from Anchor Man. We were told to try and not discover what the actual clip looked like until after we finished our animation so we keep a fresh idea.

Here is my final result:
The original clip:

In my personal view, I believe that what I had imagined was better than the original clip. There is a lot of emotions in the yelling voice, and barely any emotion in the secondary voice. The actions of the actors don't seem to portray what is needed to be shown. It could be because I have never seen the actual movie as a whole, but the scene should be understandable by itself with matching body language and emotions. I don't feel that.

For my animation, it took about a week to complete. We were told to only do a rough, however my personal style is a bit more of a finished look, even as a rough. I do realize that the mouth motions of my character sometimes fit the words and sometimes do not. I will work on that for my future characters and have been recommended examples and help from my teacher about what to do to time sounds and mouth emotions.

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