Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pipeline Project - Flash Mob Reaction idea.

Flash Mob Reaction Video

This project would be a video done in public to show the reactions of people to a dance being preformed in a random setting. Using the ever so popular K-Pop song “Gangnam Style”, a group of dancers would learn the song to preform flash mob style at different spots around Columbus. 

(credit: YG Entertainment)

The point of the dance would be to show the reactions that different people have in different settings, times and reactions between different age groups. Being that “Gangnam Style” is a Korean song, the fact of a non-English song could also receive specific reactions that an American song would not get.

There will be the three required positions (director, head of art direction and head of editorial) as well as other positions such as Choreographer , Reaction Videographers, Dance Videographers, Stylists, Audio Keepers, Dance Crew and Travel Correspondents. 

And for the timeline...
Click to see it closer. I apologize for its a small file size.


  1. If this isn't chosen, we should see if we can do it anyways outside of class~

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