Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pipeline Project: Credit Editing

The chart above is the current schedule for the crew members of The Lost Files. As the animation crew finishes the scenes of the animation, I am working on the credits section of the video with Christine. We have decided together to work in Adobe After Effects with the text and files we are using to composite that section documentation of everyone's positions in the credits.

One of the first decisions we came across was the format of the names being displayed across the screen. There are several types of ways that movie credits roll across, however we chose a simple method of title on top and person/persons involved with that role underneath. We chose this style because of the number of crew members we have and our jobs. Usually, it seemed as if actors and actresses had split section credits, where the character name would be on the left and the person's off stage name on the right. There are no action parts in The Lost Files, so we began to use the more credits simple style.

As displayed in the first draft above, we have added some animations in with the credits to make reading them more enjoyable and to display some draft work created by the crew.

The current draft has several changes including more animation work being displayed, color change of the different animations, and a color palette. As the list moves down, the list of jobs changes departments. We discussed having animations around the animators section, photo documentation around the photo section towards the end of the credits.

During class I took some notes on what needed to be completed and how things should be completed for the credits. We aim to have the credits completed by the end of class on Thursday. Some of the numbers for the photos represent a specific file name of an image that the documentary team has taken of the crew working. 

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